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Umpires Incident Report

After notifying your assignor, please use this link if you've experienced any negative behavior from coaches, players or fans that you believe needs to be addressed by the EMWLUA Executive Board: Umpires Incident Form

USL Cultural Competency Course

2021 EMWLUA Mandatory Annual Meeting

DATE:            MONDAY March 29, 2021





TIME:              7:00 PM TO 8:30 PM 

AGENDA:      EMWLUA  2021 Agenda PDF


  • EMWLUA 2020 Treasurer Report posted in EMWLUA Library Section
  • EMWLUA 2020 Meeting Minutes posted in EMWLUA Library Section

VIDEO of the meeting is posted!

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Youth and High School Rules Tests for 2021

Please log in to your US Lacrosse account to access these tests online. Link: Rules Tests


Assigners Corner


EMWLUA has 4 HS assigners this season,

Rita Georges, South Central assigner,Schools PDF Contact: Email

Erika PrahlSouth Shore Cape & Islands assigner, Schools PDF Contact: Email

Leslie Chambers, Central assigner, Schools PDF Contact: Email

Robin Volpone, North assigner, Schools PDF Contact: Email

Here is the 2020 Google Forms to register

Important links from EMWLUA assignors

We would like everyone to fill out the Assignor's Information Form again this year. Also included is the list of schools in each region.

Info Form link


Regions link


Youth Assigners

Kathy will assign game north of the Mass Pike and Kaillie will assign games south of the Mass Pike.  

Kathy and Kaillie share the responsibilities for MBGLL and FGLL. Please check the availability sheet for a breakdown of the specific town assignments. Kaillie will assign for SSLL.

Youth Availability Forms:
Kaillie has an online 2021 registration form. Register by clicking HERE
Kathy has an online 2021 registration form. Register by clicking HERE.

FGLL, MBGLL and SSLL  assignments will be through League Athletics website. Please read this document and remember to keep your assignors updated as to your availability during the season.


Letter from the President

Welcome to the Eastern Massachusetts Women's Lacrosse Umpires Association website...read more.

US Lacrosse Online Course Information

Instructions for viewing the new US Lacrosse Women's Game Officiating Online Course are here.


Becoming an Umpire...The Basics

There are three steps to becoming a women's lacrosse umpire:

  1. Attend a new umpire training clinic.   EMWLUA runs Adult Beginner Umpire Clinics (if you are over 18 and out of high school) and Youth Umpire Clinics (for high school players) across eastern Massachusetts in February and March of each year. All meet three or four times for a total of 10 to 12 hours. Senior umpires run these clinics and teach the rules, umpiring techniques and game procedures you will need to safely manage games. Separate clinics (see below) for high school lax players lead to certification for youth games.
  2. Pass a written test.   US Lacrosse requires a score of 85% on a national standard umpiring (open book) test. The clinics cover all of the information on the test.
  3. Get field rated.   After passing the test you and other new umpires will get on-field experience at a high school pre-season "play date". Experienced umpires will work with you on the field and on the sidelines to acclimate you to real game conditions. If you meet the requirements then you will earn an Apprentice rating and be contacted by one of the three EMWLUA regional assignors, given an account on ArbiterSports (see below) and you will be eligible for game assignments! Apprentices are generally assigned to sub-varsity games in their first season, however no guarantee of game assignments is made to any clinic attendee.

Junior Beginner Clinics are abbreviated and designed specifically for current high school players and lead to certification to umpire youth lacrosse games (on Sunday afternoons in April, May and June).  If you are over 18 and just want to umpire youth lacrosse games you must still attend a standard umpiring clinic (the same one that interscholastic game umpires attend) even if you just want to umpire youth games.

EMWLUA uses ArbiterSports for high school and college game assignments. This web-based scheduling program allows you to "black out" dates you cannot umpire, indicate travel preferences and more. Games assigned to you appear in ArbiterSports for you to accept (the right thing to do) or decline (rarely). You will be given an account on ArbiterSports when you are field rated.

MIAA Important Game Official Links and Concussion Training Video


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New Umpire Clinics

No events scheduled...please check back later!

Make-Up Rules Interp Meeting 2021





US Lacrosse Officials 2020 Resources Link

High School Girls' Rules Changes for 2020 Season LINK



-2021 High School TEST PDF

-2021 High School / Youth TEST PDF

-2021 Youth Rule TEST PDF

US Lacrosse Officials 2020 WOMENS Resources LINK

2020 Final Womens-Officials-Manual PDF

-2020 and 2021 NCAA Women's Lacrosse Manual PDF

-Heads up! Keep an Eye Out For Counterfeit Lacrosse Balls!

-Ksone Brand pdf

Approved vendors list



Lacrosse Rules Interpretation 2021

Interpreter's Corner Note_1 PDF

Interpreter's Corner Note_2 PDF

NEW Interpreters Corner Note_3 PDF

HS Rules 2021 - Interpretation Memo PDF

MIAA_LacrosseGirls_Mod_Spring_2021 PDF

Reflective Practice PDF


Assignor-School Information Posted in Membership Tab/EMWLUA Library/Assignors



NASO State By State Independent Contractor Unemployment Resources



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